‘Bangistan’ Movie Review – Live Update

Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat starrer Bangistan has managed to collect good reviews from all the viewers. Bangistan is the latest Bollywood release and today’s the very first day of this movie. Just to get you the right information about the movie and its storyline, we are here with Bangistan Movie Review. Read it now and then decide whether you should visit the theatre or not. 



Bangistan where a Bangladeshi cab driver Tamim Hussain meets the two leads, Hafiz Bin Ali (Riteish Deshmukh) and Praveen Chaturvedi (Pulkit Samrat). The movie has got all the potential to make everyone laugh but with the same lame jokes and poor actings. It’s running time is about 135 minutes with different scenes which eventually combined at the climax.

The director has tried out various things to make audiences giggle, however there are plenty of lacks in the movie which make you wonder why you came to watch this movie. Of course, you’ll giggle and laugh a lot, however, there’s nothing to praise about this movie at all. Talking about the story, two cops knock down Praveen’s door one of them introduces himself as “Wai Kar Wong.” After this incident, the twists and turns take places everywhere till the end which is not good for the movie and for the audiences at all.

The movie has numerous different scenes and the director somehow wants to bring all of them together as a complete movie story. The two militant from different countries trying to know about the plans and for that very same reason, Riteish and Pulkit opt a complete different religion to explore their countries.

The movie has a number of lame jokes trying to make audiences laugh, but they all are failed. Lame jokes need perfect actors who can entertain audiences by their own personal talents. Riteish and Pulkit failed here as well.

Hafiz and Praveen are initially presented to us a drifters from different countries. And they are trying to show us the powers and mess up of different countries with terrorists around the globe. Terrorists too can be funny as they also are human beings which is very well showcased in this movie.

If you are ready to get entertained with some sort of lame jokes and a terrorist mess up, this movie is a must watch for you. Yes, there’s nothing wrong to watch this delightful movie after all they all put some great efforts to make us all laugh. You’d definitely going to love this movie if you go as a common audience. Otherwise, there are many falls which can not be considered as a parts of this movie.

Our Verdict :

Bangistan has a very fine concept and a good storyline, however the movie has a poor script and those same old lame jokes and dialogues with unwanted creepy sounds everywhere. People get annoyed with this kind of attitude in a movie. Go and watch this movie with a heavy heart!

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