Avicii’s Wake Me Up Becomes Most-Played Track of All Time on Spotify

It’s my personal favorite as well : Wake Me Up by Avicii. Currently ranked as No. 3 DJ in the world from Sweden as ranked in 2013 and also nominated twice for Grammy. The recent news is that Avicii’s Wake Me Up has become the most-played song of all time on Spotify, having been streamed more than 200 million times on the platform.

The track already has over 280 million plays on YouTube is also now streaming hot on Spotify with over 200 million plays making it the most played track of all time on Spotify keeping behind Radioactive by Imagine dragons.

Wake Me Up is the fastest track to reach 100 million plays on Spotify, blasting through the figure with ease last September. It’s now being played 850,000 times per day on Spotify. The top 10 cities streaming the song the most are Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, London, New York, Madrid, Malmo, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

All I can say is, keep rocking Avicii and in coming soon article, I’ll show you how to unblock Spotify for your country if the streaming service is not yet available for your country or region. Till the next time, cheers!

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wake me up Avicii

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