All You Need to Know About Apple’s New iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The buzz as never seen before for Apple and even without Steve Jobs, it’s really good to know Apple doing such exciting releases and many more things! This time, it’s iOS 6 said to be the most advanced OS for a smartphone. Stay tuned as we take you through the new and exciting and stunning features of the new iOS 6 which will be available for iPhone, iPad and new iPod touch models.

iOS 6 brings many new features such as upgraded Siri, do not disturb feature, flyover and many more. iOS 6 become official with a raft of new features, including significant upgrades to Siri, which now understands sports, movies and restaurants, and can launch apps. Additionally, iOS 6 features Facebook integration, updates to Mobile Safari, Photo Stream and Mail, as well as a new app called Passbook and a brand new Maps app, created solely by Apple.

Below are the quick list of features now available in the updated iOS 6 :

  • Better Siri – Finally, full Siri support for Canada, English and French! Siri will also be coming to the New iPad!
  • FaceTime – FaceTime finally will work over your 3G / 4G data!! No longer is it restricted to WiFi.
  • Facebook Integration – Just like they introduced Twitter integration in iOS 5, Facebook integration comes to iOS 6.
  • Phone App – New feature in the Phone app allows you to “Reply With Message” or “Remind Me Later” when receiving a phone call.
  • Safari – The new mobile Safari will feature iCloud tab and browsing support. It now features Offline Reading lists, to read your articles even when you don’t have a data connection.
  • VIPs – This is basically an extension of “Favorites”. Your VIPs get highlighted messages, starred apps, and their own mailbox.
  • Do Not Disturb – A great new feature that we’ve seen in OS X 10.8. With Do Not Disturb turned on, you can still get all your messages, phone calls, and notifications, but the screen doesn’t light up, there are no audio alerts, and no vibrating.
  • PhotoStream – You can now share your photos with others using Shared PhotoStream.
  • New App : Passbook – This is Apple’s version of Keyring, but a whole lot more. You can store all your favourite store cards in this app.
  • New App : Maps – Yes, the rumours were true. Apple has done away with Google maps and built an entirely new maps app, from the ground up.

For all the features, check Official Apple page for iOS 6 where you’ll be explained about all the features above and it is said to have total of 200 new feature addition to this iOS 6 update. iOS 6 ships this fall for iPhone 3GS and newer, iPad 2 and newer, and the iPod Touch 4th generation. There is a new beta being released for developers today. You can check out iOS 6 an Apple’s website, now.

Unfortunately, iOS 6 will not be supporting iPhone 3G and the first generation iPad. Well, Stay tuned as we’re coming with more awesome news and yes, how to install iOS 6 without having a developer account and direct download links of the new iOS 6 for your iDevice. Keep subscribed! cheers.

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