Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Beta 3 and brings some optical improvements

Just last night, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 7.1 and is now available in the iOS Dev Center to download – actually not necessarily a lot of exciting, if not for the fact that Apple apparently still eager potters at the appearance of the completely redesigned iOS 7, because after you have already changed with the two previous beta versions already, smaller details such as backgrounds for buttons, month view for the calendar and such things, now followed by other elements of the user interface. For example, the icons of the phone, messaging and FaceTime app were a little darker finish, the same is true also for the keyboard, which is a little darker again as below :

However, a major change has got the phone app, here various elements are now much rounder, which also relates to the call screen and the shutdown dialog. While I find the round “Call” icon still quite fitting, I feel the rest not so chic – especially the “Slide to answer” slider looks in my eyes from quite cruel, the “Slide to shutdown” slider is hard at the border. But tastes are different, is not it?

There is Finally an option to turn off parallax effect for the wallpapers, without, however, disabling all effects such as the opening and closing of apps – When setting a background image you get this option directly via button offered, is to be hoped that Apple fixes  the bug concerning the inability to scale the desired wallpaper. The rumours after iOS 7.1 is that it should be released in March, until then are certainly quite a few beta versions being released and hopefully if you look at the one or other change again a little more closely, with the sliders, the designers had once caught a bad day!


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  • In iOS 7.1 beta 3 Parallax can be disabled for wallpapers (found when setting new wallpaper).
    I don’t think that this, however, changes the way iOS 7 zooms in the selected wallpaper. Also you have to wait till may be March for iOS 7.1 to go public. I would suggest that you use this app which has lot of wallpaper related options like creating blurred, gradient, dotted gradient, color wallpapers & more. And also fixing the zoomed wallpapers. You won’t waste a dollor on an app that just fixes zoom wallpaper. If you are interested. Its Wallax App.