Apple Releases iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 6.1.6 with Crucial SSL Security Fix

While the world is waiting for iOS 7.1, here is Apple releasing an update for the current OS 7.0 with some small handful of improvements it might bring, you can wet your iOS firmware whistle today by downloading the newly released iOS 7.0.6. The bug fix update fixes a problem when checking the SSL connection, the changelog says it is a security release and unfortunately, no more details on it.

Just that if you’re bored with your iOS 7, you probably are, and want to see some downloading and update screens for a while, this can be a handy update with just 16MB of it. On an iPhone 5s the update is of 16.8 megabytes in size, and on an iPad Air it is 14.3 MB. The installation went smoothly through here on both the devices.

There is an update also for the old school iPhone 3GS or 4th gen iPad users which runs on iOS 6 which is iOs 6.1.6 and unfortunately, no details of what these updates are, in it’s changelog but if you’re reading this, odds are that the update probably won’t affect you too much but still, we recommend you that you should update your iOS and always run it on the latest version.

With a lots of alpha and beta releases of iOS 7.1 already, we hope we get to see it rolling out for our phones soon enough so we can see what apple has in store for us! Cheers.


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