Use Apple iOS 6’s 3D Maps on Your Desktop without iOS 6 [Tutorial]

You can’t wait till this fall to get 3D maps on your iPhone, right? Well, here you go. I’m getting you a way with which you can browse 3D maps of iOS 6 on your desktop without having to install iOS 6 on your iDevice. This is a neat way to experience what you can expect to see from iOS 6 this fall. Enjoy.

Head over to right now and you can use what is essentially iOS 6 maps right in your desktop browser. Nokia maps are powered by C3 technologies which is the same which powers iOS 6 maps and the company which Apple bought a few week back before announcing 3D maps for iOS.

To run these maps in your browser, all you have to do is to install their 8.4MB plugin which will enable 3D maps in the nokia map browser.  Just roll over the “map view” menu on the right hand side of the screen, and select “Get Maps 3D.” You will be guided to a page where you can download the plugin, assuming you are using a supported browser.

I’ve tried and tested this using Google Chrome and it works perfectly fine as you can see in the pic above. Although there is no doubt iOS 6’s 3D maps are better but the difference is negligible and both are almost identically fine. One good thing about Nokia’s 3D maps is that it gives a predefined list of cities where 3D maps are available and you can directly choose them and browse.

I hope you’ll have some nice time browsing the 3D maps. Have a happy time traveling the world, cheers.

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