Apple to Announce Siri for iPad with iOS 6 this June 11 at WWDC

The world and specially the Apple fanboys are awaiting eagerly for the WWDC 2012. As they’ve already confirmed the keynotes and iOS 6 launch, this year’s WWDC is surely going to have a lot of surprises for the Apple lovers. As the reports confirms that there’ll be no iPhone 5 announcement but still, there is a special announcement coming and that is : Siri for iPad!

There are sources which confirms the Siri for iPad with mockups and details. Check out the information below to know more.

siri for ipad

This is a mock-up from 9 to 5 Mack of what siri for iPad could look like

The above mockup image is by 9to5Mac who has confirmed that Apple will be announcing Siri for iPad along with the iOS 6 launch at the WWDC 2012 happening this 11th June onwards. Siri is currently supported only on the iPhone 4S, with the new iPad having gained the dictation aspect of Apple and Nuance’s voice recognition partnership but not seeing the inclusion of full Siri support at its launch earlier this year.

It is speculated that Siri functionality for the iPad may come as an exclusive release for the new iPad only. This would be for the same reasons that Siri was only made available for the iPhone 4S – in order to allow for Siri servers and functionality to grow at a scalable pace.

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