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Apple to Announce New Google 3D Maps with iOS 6 at WWDC 2012

Yesterday was really a big day for Google, as Google has announced it’s all new 3D maps. Google is aiming to keep control on Apple’s devices as Apple is trying to pull it way. No matter, Google is ready to roll on to Apple devices soon. Google introduced some more additional features with this Google 3D maps. It’s more fun and more useful.

Google 3D maps have the ability to fly through a city and see all of its buildings and trees. Just like a helicopter view. Yes, it seems exactly the same. Here you can find out more realistic views of buildings, streets and whatever you would like to see. More over Apple is also trying to make exactly the same as Google’s 3D maps, as Apple is going to introduce its C3 technologies in upcoming October month. This technology converts real pictures into 3D view. So, you are able to view all your buildings and streets in 3D views.

Google promised that this 3D maps will be coming to iOS and Android very soon and surprisingly this month itself. I think it will be a much awaited app. This maps interfaces with Google earth. More over, they said “we are working hard to get into this maps. We will be able to introduce its offline version for Android devices soon”. They did not give any more information related to this offline version of 3D maps.

Well, we all knows that Apple is all set to address their WWDC 2012 next week, more likely Apple is expected to unveil an all-new version of its Maps software for iOS that will ditch Google Maps.  Apple is going to introduce its new iOS at WWDC event and that is iOS 6. I think Apple will be covered this maps in iOS for sure, as they have expected some more additional features in this iOS also.

Yesterday Google made its debut into 3D maps with this amazing video. They add “Since 2006, we’ve had textured 3D buildings in Google Earth, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll begin adding 3D models to entire metropolitan areas to Google Earth on mobile devices in the near future”. Google is aiming some more with this 3D maps and they’ll surely get with us soon as fast as they can do.


We all are expecting Google maps into our iOS and Android devices. Aren’t we? Just a few more days left for WWDC 2012. Subscribe now to get latest updates.

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