Android now owns 64% of the market

The latest numbers are live: Android is on top, with 64% worldwide market share, followed by iOS in a distant second. This news comes straight from Gartner, world’s top research firm for stuff like these. Overall, Android outpaced iOS devices nearly three to one while seizing 64% of the worldwide market share.

There is no dismissing Android’s dominance any longer. There is no way even the most zealous Apple fanboy can decline that iOS is in second place now. Android is winning. Gartner’s report looked at the Q2 smartphone sales. That nails the date range from April to June 2012, which undeniably was a high spot for Android while iPhone sales were starting to recede. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was unleashed in late May, which accounted for a huge piece of Samsung’s haul. It was an amazing quarter for both Samsung and Android. Gartner’s Q1 report too reveals analogous rankings with Samsung and Android on top. At that time, Samsung had just surpassed Nokia as the top seller of mobile devices worldwide.  Android was near the mid fifty percent range in the market share graph, and Apple had its second best iPhone quarter ever with 33M units sold (Apple sold about 37M units in the previous quarter). But now we have a bright picture and Android is tightly situated at the top of the mobile stack.

As the Gartner report reveals, iPhone sales were a bit down during Q2. They are possibly even worse at the moment. While most of you must be thinking it’s because of iPhone 5, that’s not entirely true. The report clearly mentions that “Consumers are holding back on handset upgrades due to economic uncertainty. While some were waiting for new, high-profile devices like Apple’s iPhone 5 due later in the year, many others were simply postponing expensive purchases or waiting for promotions.”

Throughout Apple’s best iPhone quarter (Q1 2012), the company sold 33M iPhones, a notable accomplishment since there are only 3 models. Now, during Android’s best quarter, there were 98M units sold. There is simply no comparison. There is no way to gyrate the data. The iPhone 5 will possibly illuminate Apple’s holiday quarter, but Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and LG altogether will easily fetch more numbers overall. In fact, Samsung alone might sell more units than Apple.

Google is stepping up its game with Android. Popular issues like piracy, fragmentation are slowly being fixed and the old mantra of releasing an app on iOS and then eventually hitting Android needs to be rethought. Developers cannot ignore Android. Apple needs to rethink, or else it’s gonna lose everything to Android.

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