Advantages Of Word Press Over

WordPress has its unique status in the blogging world. Advantages of WordPress over are better because of its various unique and advanced features. WordPress is better than BlogSpot in every blogging feature and technological facilities provided to the user. If you try out the WordPress free hosting blogs, it won’t be much difference between the Blogger and WordPress. The only difference it makes is between the Self Hosted WordPress blogs and Blogspot blogs. There are many exciting WordPress Hosting services available that provides you the reliable and trusted hosting services. Some of the most important reasons have been mentioned beneath:

WordPress gives its users the freedom of sole ownership. The user can make his website under his private domain name and the users of WordPress can create their brand logo unlike with does not give ownership to its users; the blogger is only using its blogging service as a customer not as an owner. The advantage of recovering deleted or lost blogs from the server of WordPress is another unique feature of WordPress .Blogs are shown correctly in WordPress but BlogSpot sometimes shows ‘blogs not found’. If anyone wants to see a particular blog in WordPress, then he can surely find it in WordPress instead of searching it and not founding as in

There are several categories maintained for various topics of articles in WordPress, a blogger can easily categorised its articles in desired group according to article topic. An illustrative and information is given to the bloggers about their blogs by WordPress. The option of customization in WordPress makes the website in a more effective way than where customization options are worthless. Plug-in are given to the blogger with the ownership of blogging website.

Own domain is something every blogger always prefer. Self-hosting is always the best thing as used in WordPress. Bloggers believe that serious bloggers who use BlogSpot will switch to WordPress eventually. WordPress is phenomenal because it is open to possibilities as you can upload file size whatever you want on your own domain using WordPress, uploading any file that you want, but for there is always a limitation, that is why it is free, even if you have your own domain, you need to pay for it.

Bloggers prefer WordPress as its best, easy and user-friendly too. The above points are enough to explain or switch from BlogSpot to WordPress. Plug-ins available for WordPress is awesome because, in wordpress, you are the owner and in BlogSpot, Google owns you. SEO can be done on your wish in WordPress and lot of good plug-ins and themes in WordPress which are absent in BlogSpot can be operated.

WordPress has an unlimited number of advantages, take the self-hosted version into consideration as the free version is good for just writing and no customization. BlogSpot is one of the traditional ones with nothing much to work on it, and the designs have never been great with the BlogSpot platform. However, wordpress developers and users have built thousands of themes and plugins, which make the customization far better.

Honestly, so far WordPress has beaten all several different free services including BlogSpot, Live Journal and Vox because of two important points – support and the user-to-user forum. Most of that information is available in the existing

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