8 Rarely Known Features and Some Facts About YouTube

Let me guess, you must be logging into YouTube to watch videos and maybe to search for some new videos but have you ever thought or spent time finding out what other features it has to offer? Here are some interesting less known YouTube features which I’m sure many of you’re unaware and presenting you an infographic of some interesting facts about YouTube. Enjoy!

Here are those exciting rarely known features of YouTube :

1. Video Editor : YouTube has got its own online video editor which allows you to edit your uploaded videos and make necessary changes. The features of the Video editor include video joining, video trimming, introducing video transitions and much more.

2. HTML 5 Video Player : This player replaces the native Adobe Flash player and gives you the HTML 5 video player version just if your browser doesn’t supports flash, you can use this as an alternative.

3. YouTube Slam : This is the place for discovering talented amateur singers, the most adorable clips and the craziest videos on YouTube. It’s an interactive video-discovery tool that pits videos against each other for your vote.

4. YouTube Leanback : Leanback makes watching videos on YouTube as effortless as watching TV. You can even use your Android phone to control the Leanback experience!

5. Caption Editor : Add captions and subtitles to your YouTube videos with interactive caption editor. It needs Google account linked with YouTube account to try.

6. Feather : Feather is a new feature from YouTube Labs. The goal is “to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible.

7. Comment Search : This feature is not available anywhere in the normal interface and it can only be found in the “Testube”. Here you can search for terms in individual user comments along with the video on which the comment was made.

8. YouTube Music Discovery : This feature allows you to put artist/album name in the search box and automatically creates a playlist for you to listen to! Isn’t this cool?

So, after the features, Below is the cool infographic displaying some facts about YouTube.

Facts About YouTubeInfographic Via: OnlineSchools.org

That’s it from me for now. You can catch me on my YouTube channel as well. So, how many Features/facts you were aware of?

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