5 SEO Tools You Should Use Right Away

These days I’m back into researching about SEO and this time I’m finding some good time with new resources and tools available to test a website’s SEO. Yes, here I am listing down those 5 very good tools which I found interesting and impressive at the same time. Some might be known to you but yet, just go through it and I’m sure you will find at least couple of them which will interest you and help you make your website SEO better.

1. Drop My Links

Drop My Links allows you to find sites according to your need to comment on those and get backlinks. You can use different Google queries to find thousands of sites to drop your links on and create backlinks. But remember not to spam!

2. Google Keyword Tool

This is probably the tool which needs no introduction. A very advanced keyword research tool from Google itself which helps you find profitable keywords for your websites and articles. You just need a basic knowledge on how to use this tool otherwise you can learn it by using it for sometime as well.

3. PageRank Prediction

Well, no one understands the algorithm of Google to determine Pagerank but still, this tool is handy to know what should be your PageRank in the next update. I might not trust this tool but it still can be included in this list.

4. SEO Site Tools – Chrome Extension

SEO Site Tools can be the extension which can make you use Chrome as your default browser. This tool is the most comprehensive SEO Tool on any browser… not only does it pull more metircs from more sources, including social media reactions, it also enhances common tools like Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster tools with links anchor text and pagerank.Even nofollow link hilighting, popout ability, color themes and many more other things!

5. Spider Viewer

Spider Viewer will let you see your website as a spider sees it. It is helpful for analyzing your internal links, your meta information and your page content.

So, did the article match up to your expectations? Do I need to include any of your suggestion in my next list of tools? Do let me know which one was a new tool you discovered here. Thanks.

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