5 Reasons to Upgrade To the iPhone 4S

We were expecting too much and after lots of rumors and speculations, all we got was iPhone 4S which was the same old design with some speed and some improvements in it. Though, it was disappointing for many but still, it was sold out even in its pre-order phase and that itself exclaims us many. This makes me think, should you upgrade to iPhone 4S? Here’s my points why you should. I am not an iPhone user yet but after this reasons I could think of, even I feel like going for an iPhone and I would not mind if anyone of you would want to gift me one 😛 Enjoy!


1. It’s better than iPhone 4

If you look at the specs, iPhone 4S looks tougher. With its A5 chip, 8MP camera, 1080p full hd video recording, 8 hours of battery life and many improvements, it surely looks impressive. Many were expecting a bigger screen but does it really makes you feel better? How about Dell Streak?

2. iOS5 : The most advanced OS so far

Apple announced their new OS i.e iOS5 and the reason why one should upgrade is because of their fast update. I am not an iOS user but one thing I noticed was that Android makes too much of delay providing updates to their users unlike apple. One more reason is that they provide update for everyone and not just for the selected models!

3. iCloud Rocks

The biggest advantage of going for iCloud instead of amazon cloud service or Google music service is that iCloud can synchronize your each and every data like contacts, mail, pictures, videos and music to all of your apple devices and you can access them on the go from anywhere.

4. It’s free!

Yes, apple is not just cheaper but its free as well. At their keynote, they announced that iPhone 3G will be free and iPhone 3Gs will be just of $99 with a contract and that is what makes most users go for iPhone. Yes, it is going mainstream now.

5. Siri

That “one more thing. . . “ at the apple keynote this year was this “Siri”. Though its basic and available only in the iPhone 4S models, it still works good and this should be the reason why you should go for an iPhone 4S because it can answer you almost anything including weather, unit conversion, GPS and whatever you can think of.

So, what’s your reason not to go for an iPhone 4S? and yes, don’t forget to sell your iPhone 4 before upgrading! 😉

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