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5 Reasons Why People Blog

I started blogging Two and a half year back and since then, I’ve seen a large number of people joining this industry and have also seen many leaving it. This makes me think about a question : Why people blog? Last night I tried thinking an answer to this and made a list of those top 5 reasons out of some 15-20 reasons I got. Here I list them down with an explanation of the point in-depth.

Because of free blogging platform like WordPress, there are numerous reasons why people start blogging. New blogs are constantly popping up on a variety of subjects and for a number of reasons. But why do people start blogging? What motivates them to put their thoughts and ideas out there?

[Note]To have fun[/Note]

This is the first reason which comes to my mind because this is the reason why even I started blogging and I’m enjoying every bit of it ever since! The most successful blogs are those where the blogger has a passionate interest in the subject matter, and can share that passion with readers. When you enjoy the topic, you are more likely to blog frequently and connect with your readers.

[Note]To make money[/Note]

These kind of blogging requires a fair amount of work and time in order to reach a certain level where it becomes easier to make living out of blogging. Many people join blogging to make money and there are very few who succeed in this is just because blogging for money requires a true dedication, passion, hard work and a lot of time.

[Note]To Engage/ Socialize/ Help others[/Note]

Some people start a blog to help others who may be going through similar circumstances, such as a terminal disease or illness, or parenting-related issues. These kind of blogs are great to connect directly to others having likewise interest and some people also blog to share pictures, videos along with their friends just to socialize with them when they can’t in the real world too often.

[Note]To attract traffic to their website[/Note]

This can be categorized as corporate blogging. A blog is a great way to connect with your site visitors, as well as entice new visitors to stop by and see what your website is all about. Plus, creating a blog is a great way for site owners to market and promote themselves and their business in a creative and engaging way.

[Note]To Reach to a large audience[/Note]

Think about a blog by a celebrity? That’ll surely be to reach to large audience via their writings. Or, if a person is expert in a particular subject or good at DIY, how to stuff then there is surely a need to share those things and knowledge to a wide range of audience and hence, they blog.

What’s the reason you blog for?

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