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5 Facebook Changes You can’t Afford to Miss Out!

When Facebook changed most of the things, many people were simply at a loss on how to go about finding an effective way out? Some immediately reverted back to the old Facebook by removing the Facebook ticker while others vented out their frustration on Twitter. While some changes have been rolled-out, others are on their way.

Whatever it may be, Facebook plans to change the way we carry on with our digital lives.

The News-Feed Ticker

We first begin with something that has been looked down upon by most Facebook users. For many, the ticker simply makes the whole layout look clumsy while for others, it makes them feel like stalker.

What is it actually? Well, the ticker is something that will highlight all the “activity stories” such as friends commenting on someone else’s post, someone attending some event or someone commenting on his picture. The recent stories section will now feature only updates – status, photos, videos and links. Cleaner and sensible.

Just by hovering the cursor on an activity you can get the status and other comments at one place

You can even customize it further by hiding certain application updates or event-update. You will, however, still get the updates on the news-feed with time.
However, the one place where the ticker really scores is the way page-interactivity can be increased. You can get the update of people commenting on your page on the ticker. However, you need to set the posting preference to “Always comment as page”. Clear? OK! Moving on.

Smart Lists

Lists were always there. And we hardly cared! However, Facebook recently introduced the concept of Smart List. You can now put people into groups, based on the kind of relationship you share with them. Facebook has created “Close Friends” and “Acquaintances” but somehow fell short of populating it themselves. (THANK GOD)

Smart Lists. Are they?

You can individually click on the lists and see the updates right there. You don’t have to sift through the zillion updates to see what your brother recently posted about you! Also, you can now directly share an update with your list (Google+ ?). The only down side is that you can’t delete them once created. You can merely hide them.

News Feed

Here is what most people have seen the change. No more Top News and Most Recent. Say hello to Top Stories and Recent Stories. Tops stories will show up with a Triangle. This is what Facebook thinks might be of your interest. Rest of the Recent Stories will feature under the Top Story. You can always remove the triangle from the story to let Facebook that it’s not a top story for you. But don’t expect Facebook to *facepalm* and say sorry!

Notice the Triangle on the Story. That's Important!


Facebook now achieved the middle path between Twitter and Google+ with one simple stroke. Now, you don’t need to be friends with people and yet share your update with them. Essentially, people will hit “subscribe” and will get your “public” updates on their timeline. Great for those who get pesky friend requests most of the time.

Subscriptions make Facebook, Twitter.


And Last but not the least is the BIG NEWS – Timeline! Your Facebook profile is now a Timeline which will be your life story. Profound. While some have got them (Lucky me!), others will be brought into it gradually! Looks like a comic book. Looks awesome!!! The above picture is how you see my profile currently. The below picture is how it is going to be –

Till now, no new update on Facebook Pages. Keep an eye on this space for more news! Like this article and want to know more? Get in touch with me on Twitter! Cheers!


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