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5 Things Microsoft should Improve in Windows 8

Believe it or not, Microsoft has done a huge rumble-up with it’s new operating system, Windows 8. Microsoft turned around almost the whole user experience of Windows. People are expecting it to be the first complete cross device OS. Windows 8 is customized to work with all, desktops, tablets and smart-phones.

Microsoft released Windows XP which was a huge hit, and then it released Windows Vista, which was even a bigger flop. To cover up the loss caused by Vista, Microsoft was in a hurry to release Windows 7 and clean their hands. It took about 2 years for Microsoft to release Windows 7 and it was so busy with Windows, that it completely forgot the mobile and the tablet industry. Within these two years, Android and iOS gained fire, and Microsoft was thrown out of these two markets.

Microsoft hasn’t got any share in the tablet market as of now, and in the smartphone market it has about 6% (as of Feb 2012) and is ruling the PC market. You can Download Windows 8, Install it and even read our Windows 8 review and Windows 8 features if you haven’t yet.

Windows XP and Windows 7 were complete operating systems, while Windows 8 can be divided into two completely different operating environments, the Metro UI and the Aero. Microsoft did a great job with the Metro UI, but it has spoiled the classic Aero interface. The Aero interface was better in Windows 7 than what they have done it now. Also the RSS reader app which was there in the developer preview of Windows 8 and which many users liked has gone missing in the Consumer Preview, which tells us that Microsoft is still confused with what they should do with Windows 8.

Here are a few things which I think Microsoft needs to improve in Windows 8.

1. Provide users a Plain and Simple Choice

After adding the Metro UI, it looks like Microsoft has combined Windows 7 Aero with the Metro UI in Windows Phone 7. The Windows phone people might like this kind of interface but for others, switching between two very very different interfaces (Metro UI and Aero) simultaneously might be a mess.

Microsoft should allow it’s users to choose whichever user interface they want to use, and then provide only that one as for primary usage, but side by side users can switch to the other one only if they want.

2. Change or Improve the Mail App

The Mail app in Windows 8 is not as good as we expected. It fails a lot, which might be corrected once the final version is released, but apart from that it supports only Hotmail, Live, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange servers. It doesn’t support the IMAP accounts which are hosted on your servers.

The way Microsoft has blended the Mail app in the Metro UI seems good, but it fails for the above reasons, and as a result the Mail app need a lot of attention from Microsoft.

3. Add a Shut Down button

Some people using Windows think that Microsoft is focusing only on the Metro UI on Tablets or Smart-phones and not on the desktops. They are obviously right because the main reason why you don’t find a shut down or power off button anywhere on Windows 8 apart from the settings menu is that, Microsoft is really focusing more on tablets and smart-phones.

You do turn off your PC almost whenever you are not working on it, but you don’t power off your tablet or smart-phone quite often, so I guess Microsoft didn’t put the Shutdown button in some charm and decided to place it on the settings menu because tablets and phones aren’t powered off that often.

4. Stop with the Editions

While buying Windows, users often get confused on which edition should they buy. This is not just for Windows but also for other Microsoft products. People fail to decide which one should they buy, Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate and all of them have a huge difference in their price points.

In other words, Microsoft should only have one edition, only ONE Windows with all the features stuffed in at only one price so that people are clear on what they are actually buying, rather than scratching there heads while having all these editions in front of them.

5. Lower the Price Point

Out of all the Windows users, more than 50% of them run Windows illegally. This is because Windows is very expensive, and why would someone pay hundreds of dollars to get an operating system which is available for free on Torrents? Right now Windows 7 Ultimate is being sold at about 220 USD, and Windows 7 Home Premium is about 120 USD.

Microsoft should first of all make only one edition and lower the price point to about 100 USD. Just like Mac, Microsoft should also give free Windows 8 upgrade to people who have recently bought a Windows Computer. This should benefit the users, as well as Microsoft, because at a low price point more and more people would buy Windows.

So these were a few things on which Microsoft should focus on to make Windows 8 even better. Fell free to drop a comment below and tell us your experience with Windows 8, and how Microsoft can make it better.

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  • Back again, and I see you posted for Windows 8. You mentioned the shut down button before I left my comment on your other article, well done. I wanted to add that you can buy OEM versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7) at a much cheaper price than retail. OEM typically comes with some bloatware, but most of them just have some shortcuts on the desktop that can easily be deleted. Other than that, has everything Windows should have at much lower cost. I don't know why they bother selling retail at such a high price. I also agree with an end to editions, it's ridiculus. Pro versions have always been the best bang for the buck. I agree hands down on the choice of Metro UI style or Aero style. It drove me nuts finding things between the two (especially the shut down button). Microsoft always has the habit of making a good operating system on only every other release, if you think about it… Windows 3.1 (good), Windows 95(good and bad, but a lot of upset people), Windows 98 (good), Windows ME(very bad), Windows XP(very good), Windows Vista(bad), Windows 7(good), guess what's next?

    • Hi, yes. . the shutdown button is a bit difficult to find and as you suggested, there are already many versions available of Windows and this one I think is released just so that they can integrate it with WP7 just like apple does with its cross platform OS. I can’t think of any other reason as of now.

      About the last part, it indeed gives a laugh (ha-ha). let’s see if that series continues

      Also, I’m very happy to see you as a loyal reader. Keep reading, we’re launching our new design tomorrow and then we’ll concentrate only and only on quality articles. Cheers,