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5 LinkedIn Facts You Possibly Weren’t Aware Of

With much hype about Social Media in recent years, Facebook and Twitter seemingly have taken over the limelight. With millions of people jamming these two social networking sites, it still remains needless to say, that LinkedIn is not far behind. While the two former ones remain to be in vogue with people nearly of all ages, LinkedIn on the other hand, has bagged the prize from true industrialists, entrepreneurs and executives.

With thousands and millions of people signing up LinkedIn, for professional networking around the globe, there are few facts that possibly many of us are yet to know of. For all worshipers of LinkedIn, we list 5 facts that would surely interest your nerves!

1. Wow! Now here is something. Professionals from every business firm, listed on the Fortune 500 2010 are members of LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn has a global growth, with more than 50% members out of US. The headquarters of this professional networking site includes Dublin and Ireland. The offices are spread across India, Canada, Australia and the UK.

3. Now, don’t be surprised if your LinkedIn access is taken away as swiftly as it was given to you, by your company. With the new HR policy that some companies are implementing, your updates might be checked and if need be, the access would be completely denied. Companies fear employees hunting jobs via LinkedIn.

4. The networking site, is seriously looking forward to some sales and marketing it seems. LinkedIn has decided to spend quite heavily on the Sales. Last year the expenditure grew by 118%.

5. It seems, the networking site is growing to be a better platform for employers to recruit professionals, giving other online agencies a tough time.

So, that’s some facts! Be sure to check back later when we tell you on how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for getting maximum exposure among potential employers!

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