5 Facebook Tricks to Have Presentable Profile

Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites. Since its inception, it has constantly tried to improvise and widen its presence in virtual world. Though many of you must be addicted to it and may be you are investing quality time with it, yet you don’t even know some of the tricks which I will tell you. 


The first trick from my side is about an updating status. Many of us update status about all the things which are going on around us. Now let me give a trick which will help you to update a blank status. Many of you must have surely tried it. All you need to do is enter @[3:3: ] in the status box of your timeline. If you need a long blank status just enter this in each line. This will surely help you to get numbers of likes on your status. Though getting numbers of likes increasing day to day on Facebook is a bit tough job and for that you may opt http://get-likes.com/, for promoting your profile or promoting your Facebook fan page.

The next trick which may excite you is sending from text messages. Though this application offers a limited number of text messages daily yet it proves useful to many. Also there is no country restriction and also the message reaches the destination instantly. All you need to do is to go to Facebook chat application and enter the phone number and the text message which you like to send.

The next Facebook trick is related with advertisements. I have heard many of my friends telling me, that they are really fed up with the advertisements which appear in it.You can get rid of these advertisements by using apps like Facebook cleaner etc.

Your Facebook Display picture and videos generate the most likes and comments. More the number of likes, more is your popularity. More likes you get on your posts, more friend request and followers follow you. To increase the number of likes and followers you have to make sure that your pictures and videos have the correct privacy setting.

One more exciting tool is to hide your recent activity. Many a times we get too busy in our work and post wrong updates or tags on our wall. Facebook offers variety of options to deal with them. You can choose the “delete “option, or you can also choose edit option if you want to edit it. It is desirable to figure out what visitors visiting your timeline can see. You can also hide your recent activity from others. For every news which appears in recent activity log you can delete or hide from a certain group of friends. If you wish to add an activity back in your timeline, you can do so by editing the hidden activity list.

Believe me Facebook will be lot more exciting if you try out these tricks and you will surely get more likes.


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