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5 Best Instagram Web Apps To Enhance Your Experience

Instagram, one of the most popular, fast and beautiful photo-sharing app which is growing it’s active users at a very quick rate is an amazing app for photography lovers. Previously it was only available for iOS but now it’s also available for Android OS. WIth it’s extremely fast growing popularity, many web apps have also been introduced to allow instagram users to be in touch even when they are working on their desktops  laptops. This collection of the best instagram web apps which i’ve come across while surfing the web offers you a delightful way of experiencing instagram photos. So i would like to let you know that this collection also has a mac app while the others are all web-based websites to which you can log-in with your Instagram credentials easily.

1. ExtraGram : This is a very good web app for Instagram users, you can search, like, comment on photos and even follow your friends here. The beautiful interface displays photos in three different styles, the grid view, filmstrip or the map view. You can also check the trending pics and users using the Discover tab.

2. GramFeed : This is another amazing way to view your instagram photo feed. A little similar to Extragram but it also has to offer two different photo views. You can even add comments, like photos, search for photos, people, or by place using the map search and also browse the popular pics.

3. INK361 : INK361 is yet another fantastic web app for Instagram which allows you to view photos in small, medium and large sizes. You can also browse the popular photos and the albums too and you can even create your own new album. They also introduced the ‘My Likes’ view in which you can browse all the pics you’ve previously liked on Instagram which is very cool.

4. WebbyGram : The first web app for Instagram built by Brendon Mulligan who got tired to wait for Instagram to build their own web view. You can browse the popular photos from Instagram in a single column view and also log in through your Instagram credentials to share, comment or like the photos.

5. Instagrille : Instagrille was created by Sweetlabs, a startup backed up by Google and Intel which is able to do almost the same things you can do with the mobile version of Instagram, except uploading photos. This free desktop app features photo feed, profile views, follow/unfollow people, read and leave comments and also like photos with real-time notifications. You need to download and install the app and sign in through your Instagram details, a small icon will appear in your taskbar. Unfortunately, this app works only on Windows 7. You can download Instagrille fom HERE.

 Well, so these were 5 cool and the best instagram web apps which i knew and found them worth sharing with you people. I hope you liked the share, all the 5 apps are great to use, but there’s always a favourite, and so i think ‘Extragram’ is the best app which i would prefer to use when i would be using Instagram on web. Which app do you think is the best from all of these ? Do you know any other app better than these ? Share your views with us, we would appreciate.

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  • Wow, I was waiting for such apps for my iPhone, As I love to click alot with it.
    These all apps will be more helpful for me.
    Thanks for the share Soham :)