4 Reasons why Android wins over iOS

We have been comparing Android and iOS for a long time now. I”m myself an Apple fan, but still I use an Android phone and there are many reasons why I prefer using an Android phone instead of an iPhone. In this article, I”ll be going through a few features which make Android more appealing than the iPhone. So, let”s see what they have got for us!

android vs iOS comparison

1.Open Environment

Ass you all know, Android is an open source mobile-computing operating system when compared to iOS which is completely closed source. This means that Android offers you more control on your device, while iOS limits you from doing certain tasks which can be done only once you jailbreak the device. Jailbreaking your iOS device isn”t illegal, but you do void your warranty.

Android is a better platform for developers as well. Unlike iOS, you don”t need to pass through the intense process of approval which may result in denying your app. Since Android is open source, you can customize it to the core without violating any regulations. This is the main reason of the rapid growth of Android developers. In the Android Marketplace, you can find many apps from the Apple AppStore.

iOS has no home screen. All you have is just the lock screen, and the menu screens. Android again wins over this since it offers you multiple home screens which you can customize any way you want, like adding your Twitter or Facebook Stream. Also you have endless number of widgets which you can choose from to customize your home screen even more and have access to stocks or temperature.

Believe it or not, using an open environment makes a huge difference.

2.Hardware Options

Android has a wide range of devices available. Other than handsets, you also have multiple screen sizes and processors to choose from. Again, since Android is open source and is highly customizable, most of the manufacturers go with Android. If you use an iOS device, you are fixed with a Samsung made A(X) aussie slots processor made for Apple and the same 3.5″ screen size.

Also in tablets, the iPad comes at the same screen size 10″ while Android tablets are made in various screen sizes.


In many countries where phones are available on a contract system, you can get an iPhone starting from $0, but the device would be a little old and newer iPhones range up to $400 while there are very few Android phones which are as expensive as $400. On an average, decent Android phones cost nearly about $150 on a 2 year contract.

Apart from the contract based system, there are many countries where you need to buy the phone alone, and then choose a carrier, like India. In India, the iPhone costs about Rs. 50K or about 1000 USD. Android phones in India again start from 100$, but even the most high end Android phones would cost you less than 800$.

For instance, take the Kindle Fire. Amazon is selling a 7″ Android tablet for $199 which is extremely exceptional.

4. 4G

I don”t have much to say on this, but Apple is yet to launch it”s first LTE enabled iOS device whereas you have a number of LTE enabled Android phones and tablets in the market.

There are certain 3G networks which give you even more speed than some 4G networks, but again that depends on your device capabilities. For example, an iPhone 4S doesn”t support 4G, but it supports AT&T”s 14.4 HSDPA  network. This is a speed which many 4G enabled devices also aren”t able to take, but thinking about the future, once 4G coverage improves, we can experience lightening fast internet speeds but only on our 4G enabled devices.

Here once again Android wins, as there are no 4G iOS devices available as compared to the wide range of 4G Android devices.

I hope you”re already read my comparison between Mac OS X and Windows. So here I end up this discussion and I”m sure you must be having your opinion on both the platforms as well. Feel free to drop them in the comments!

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