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4 Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Never Heard Of!

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 was without a doubt the most awaiting phone of the year. Now that it has released, you must have also seen the reviews and features of the phone, but did you know that the Galaxy S III has some mind blowing features which you haven’t really seen or heard of yet? oh wait, did you check Samsung Galaxy S3 comparison with other smartphones?

1. Smart Stay

Have you seen your phone’s screen dimming or timing out while you were reading something or maybe showing off your friends your favorite picture? I’m sure you have. Well the Smart Stay feature in the Galaxy S III uses automatic face detection and enables the phone not to timeout whenever you are looking at the screen of the phone. Isn’t it interesting?

I don’t know about any app which does this thing, but I’m sure that there might be many.

2. Answer calls using the Home Button

Galaxy S III has the ability to answer calls by pressing the home button. This isn’t on by default, you’ll need to go to Settings > Accessibility > Call Answering- Ended. This feature would come in handy when you can’t use your fingers to touch the screen and answer the call.

3. Switch from texting to calling, instantly

When you are in long text conversations with your friends and you suddenly realize that talking to him would be faster and better, while on the message thread, just by holding the Galaxy S III up to your ear, it will initiate a call to the person whom you are in conversation with. This is quiet an obvious feature which every android phone should have and is a quick time-saver.

4. Video Multitasking

While watching a movie or a video, there are times when you want to tweet out what you just saw. Samsung came up with this cool new multitasking feature which allows you to use applications like, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS (and the list goes on) while watching a video in real time. If you are watching a video and you have to switch to a different application, it will show the video in a small panel at the very bottom of the screen. The thing which one can miss in this is that you can only have this thing enabled on the stock video player and not on Youtube or any other media player.


So these are some hidden features of the Galaxy S III which you probably didn’t heard of before. Are there any apps for Android which allow you to do these awesome things on any android phone? If you know about any, please share them in the comments below! Also, Do check out Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest deals. Cheers.

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