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3 Things to Keep in Mind While Updating Facebook Status

Gone are the days when Facebook used to be a simple site but now with more and more features coming every now and then, it is becoming a bit difficult and a bit complicated for a normal user to understand what really should be done to play safe. Today, I was just trying to update my status and found out what other features need to be checked before hitting the “post” button and here’s my checklist!

Previously, there was no other button then “Post” but now it has got some bunch of options in it. Check how it looked few years back :

facebook old status update box

but now with some hell lot of features, it looks something like this :

facebook new status update box

Now the question arises that why so many new options? Well, the answer is simple : Privacy. This is what I’m going to give you the checklist on. Here are my few things which one needs to check before hitting the new “Post” button.

1. Whom are you sharing with?

With the new Facebook profile timeline, you need to take care of this. Whether you want to share it publically or just with your friends/lists/etc. If you share it in public, people subscribed to you and not in your friend list can see that update/like/comment on it.

2. Where Are You?

There is an option to tag your place in the new status update box. Sometimes, it is enabled by default so whenever you update your status then automatically the place where you’re gets tagged and the world know where you are. Ask yourself : are you sure you want to tag your place? If not, then keep this point in mind while updating your status next time.

3. Want to tag your friends?

When you’re attending a party/concert or any other gathering with your friends and you update your status from that place but you often miss to tag your friends in your status update! It happens with me quite often and that’s why I’m mentioning otherwise this is not that necessary thing. So, don’t forget to tag your friends but only if it is necessary and they would like to. Don’t spam.

Any other points you want to mention which should be taken care of while updating Facebook status?

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