3 Easy Do-Follow Backlinks from Social Media Profiles

Link building is the most effective way to build a stronger SEO for your website and having Do-follow links is just like a cherry on the cake. After writing about Pinterest SEO techniques and some SEO tools, I am back again with a very helpful and interesting article about how you can get do-follow links through social media profiles.

It is said that a website should have 70% of dofollow and 30% no-follow links which is just an ideal measurement but no one follows it actually these days, so I just wanted to make you aware of the fact. Well, moving on. Here I’ve got 3 sites where you can create a profile and you can actually get a Do follow link from a high PR sites. I know pagerank is of a main domain and not a profile page but still high pagerank adds value to domain authority and that is why these links will be helpful adding authority to your sites as well.

1. Technorati

Technorati is a blog indexing and ranking service. It is easy to create a profile and add a link to your Web site (again, no choice of anchor text). As an additional bonus, you can claim any blogs you have to add another link, as well as your RSS feed.

Example : Rahul Banker on Technorati

2. Last.Fm

Setting up a profile on Last.fm gets you a simple do-follow link; you have no control over the anchor text as they simply use the URL as the anchor text. As with most of these profiles, you don’t have to use the service in order to get the link—you just need to set up the profile.

Example : Rahul Banker on Last.Fm

3. coRank

This is a site to share Internet content with friends and keep track of pages you like. Registering is very simple and it gives you a spot to put a blog URL, where you can put your site URL; you won’t be able to control the anchor text.

Example : Rahul Banker on coRank

This is it for now. Well, I’m searching for more social media profiles which actually allows a do-follow links in them. If you find any, do let me know in the comments below and a word of appreciation for the article above might encourage me as well. Thanks.

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