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20 Google Chrome tips, shortcuts and tricks

I am sure these shortcuts, tips and tricks of Google Chrome can helps you a lot to working faster and smoother. As we all knows that Google Chrome is the best web browser nowadays, it’s having some tremendous features in it, to explore Internet more faster and in a well manner. Sometimes, question arises, there are so many browsers we have but why only Chrome is so popular and famous among them all? Well, here I’m gonna show you some catchy features that can surely be helpful and this is the reason why Chrome is so popular and famous. Other browsers doesn’t have such features.

20 Catchy Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks of Google Chrome :


1. Control+Shift+N: 

-It allows user to open  ‘incognito’ window. This windows can’t save your webpages. So there is no History present over here. All the cookies will be deleted automatically when it get closes.

2. Incognito Window :

-As I have mentioned above the use of this window, User can open u this window just by right clicking on the page and then after selecting Open link in incognito window.

3. Control+T:

-For opening a new tab Control+T is used.

4. Alt+home:

-This short cut load your browser’s home page with thumbnails of previous windows and most visited sites of that particular user.

5. Jump to tabs:

-While we are working on internet we are exploring more than one sites. So there are many tabs opens on that time. This feature allows you to jump on the appropriate tab with just Control+1, Control+2, Control+3 and so on.

6. Control+Tab:

-It allows user to explore tabs in a cycle way. Right to left.

7. Control+Shift+Tab:

-It allows user to explore tabs in recycle way. Left to right.

8. Control+H:

-Open your history page just by clicking it.

9. Control+J:

-It bring up the download page. The data or songs or videos or movies which are downloaded with this browser can be shown from here just by clicking Control+J.

10. Web Applications:

You can make shortcuts of your Web application here. For that you need to visit the Google Chrome store. It allows to install all the featured application to be as a short cuts besides your address bar of Chrome window.

11. Bookmarking:

-We often wants to visit our visited sites. For that browser allows to keep them as a bookmark. Now, there is a simplest way here to bookmarking. In address bar there is star button, just by clicking on that button it will asks you to save that web page where? as a bookmark.

12. Task Manager:

-Just by right clicking on the main top window this window will open. It allows user to see the space of applications and it also allows them to end a particular process.

13. Shift+Escape:

-Easiest way to bring up the task manager window.

14. Delete History:

-For deleting the browsing history, just click on to the setting button, then after on tools and delete browsing history. It’s very simple.

Settings>Tools>Clear Browsing data

15. Delete Cookies: 

-Settings>Tools>Under the Hood, scroll it down and click on Cookies option. Clear Cookies.

16. Clear Data :

-To clear more data like history,cache etc. click on Clear Browsing data. It will make your browser a new one. Just installed.

17. Drag a Link:

-Just by dragging a site URL into the address bar, it will open the web pages containing that URL. Just simple and easiest way to open your window.

18. Control+K:

-It allows user to search from the address bar. IT will make your work effortless and smooth.

19. about:plugins:

-Allows user to check installed plugins. Type about:plugins in address bar and see your installed plugins.

20. HTML codes:

Edit any web page – right-click a page and select Inspect element. Now edit the HTML source code and hit Return to view the changes.

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