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8 Ways to Write Your Blog Off! Literally!

We all love blogging. Most of us have come across some blog or the other which, although started in a personal level, really gained popularity in the long run. Excited, you pick our pen, think about writing a couple of blog posts. The beginning seems to be quite well too! You tell your friends and family to comment on your blog and soon you reach a couple of hundred hits. You are excited.

However, if you don’t pay adequate attention, you may have written your blog off! Literally! Here are the ten ways you can ruin your blog and how you can avoid them!

Short of Ideas

Or in other words, “Writer’s Block”. At some point of time, we often get this feeling that we don’t have anything else to say. Wrong! Successful bloggers know how to keep a delicate balance between what they want to say and what their readers want to hear. If you are a blogger, you need to maintain this pace. Remember, they are in your blog site to not only listen what you have to say, but how you can help them as well. Once you hit writer’s block, ask your readers on the things that bothers them and on the topics they want you to talk about. This will definitely help you get past the “awkward stage”.


If you don’t take time to research and be specific in your blog posts, then you won’t really make it big. If you just want more Facebook fans, then you simply can’t stay focused. In order to stay focused, you need to make sure to have a specific goal (the exact number of fans you want and in what time period). This will constantly keep you on your toes and you will soon write posts to attract attention. But never write uselessly. Make your blogs as to-the-point as possible. Trust me, it helps.

Your blog and your readers don’t connect

The kind of blog that you have and the kind of readers that you intend to garner needs to be on the same line. Make sure to use simple language. Even if you think it’s boring, your readers surely think otherwise. Your inability to write in simple language can really turn your readers off for sure. Make sure that you use simple words to convey your thoughts. Takeaway – A sentence longer than 15 words can always be shortened.

Adjectives – too many of them!

Use adjectives too much and your blog is destined to fall sooner or later. Writing long posts is always beneficial. Even Google wants you write as elaborately as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you would write fluffy paragraphs on worthless points. Keep it simple (silly)!

Passive voice

Ok! Here are two sentences.

  • Readers hate mistakes.
  • Readers are really turned off when you commit too many mistakes.

Which one is preferable here? Obviously, the first one. Make sure to use active voice and always keep your blog short and sweet. Readers love to read quick stuff.


Professional blogs need to give readers what they want. If your blog is a personal one, then you can do whatever you want. But, in case of professional blogs where you want readers to engage and come again, you need to focus your writing skills and prevent doing anything that will brand your writing as ramblings.


No! No! We don’t want you to quit whatever you are writing on. Keep on writing!
Just make sure to not repeat the presentation style. There are a number of writers who often write along the same old lines. Always experiment and surprise your readers every time they visit your blog. Trust me, they will love it!

Don’t Edit!

How could you? If you don’t edit your blog before publishing it, you can very well delete the entire blog. The last thing you need is a bad reputation. Make sure that your blogs don’t have any spelling, grammar or factual mistakes. Readers H.A.T.E that!

The continuing theme of this write-up is to value what your readers’ wants and write what gets them talking! Be sure to avoid the above mistakes and you will definitely find success with your blog!
Till then! Cheers!

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